At least if your family likes jigsaw puzzles. The idea is very simple, laminate a photograph onto some laser-cuttable board, and then run the laser over the outline of the pieces. Instant puzzle. Are you up to the challenge of writing a better one? Help us get started with some brainstorming in the comments below. How do you go about generating meaningfully unique jigsaw edges algorithmically?

To put it together, we suggest an accompanying DIY pick-and-place tool.


And kudos to [Kristina] for the best headline of on that one! I used the Inkscape plug-in by neon22 and it worked great. All the pieces are different shapes. Turned out to be a pretty difficult puzzle to put together. So now I had a mask for spray painting.

I used white spray paint to fill in all the snowflakes. I found that if I cut out the acrylic with the painted snowflakes facing down, I had less burning of the paint by the laser.

wolfie puzzle generator

By definition, the borders are straight. Just start from one corner and make a random curve for the undefined edges of each piece.

wolfie puzzle generator

You will have 2 undefined edges for till 1-[N-1] and the last piece in the row will have only one undefined edge. Repeat it for each row. The pieces in the last row M will have only one undefined edge each except the last one M-N which will be defined already. Random curves would make your puzzle work like crap and be about as much fun to put together. I would probably design a point based system with a randomization algorithm to add variation in both the selection of the edge style and the minor shape of the edge.

In essence, create a library of known good curves then add an algorithm to allow for deviations. I remember when I got my first cnc I downloaded or was it online I used a guys puzzle generator. You could change different variables for size and shape etc.

Create interactive puzzles easily

As for writing your own puzzle creator, I would look into the eps file format and how the bezier curves work. Illustrator and inkscape and many other vector format accepting applications are out there to create gcode from that. With bezier you only need 5 nodes and 8 control points. I would make a few template shapes with these nodes and control points and interpolate other shapes from these.

I can imagine that you can parametrice the deviation from the standard shape to set the difficulty. You can go all fancy with a non square puzzle by setting an arbitrary boundary shape, or even some holes in the puzzle like a donut shape. Here is a puzzle generator I wrote for a different purpose but it is pretty modular so it can serve as a starting point. What about the smell of burnt wood, and the char rubbing off on your fingers?

Anyone have a good way around those? Could use Perspex plexiglass? Getting a picture onto plexiglass… thinking those laser printable sheets that are released by water and slide onto the final plastic surface. What a great idea! I guess the hard part is getting the outline right?Just import a photo, or create several shapes, select them and run the program. You will be able to create a professionally-looking jigsaw puzzle which uses the selected objects as the backdrop of the puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzle Creator can create a set of closed curves looking like a jigsaw puzzle and place the selected object s in each of the puzzle piece so they can be shuffled on the screen to create interesting artistic designs. It also can be used to generate the knife profiles to manufacture jigsaw puzzles. In this case, a set of open curves is created which can be used to etch or produce the knives any other way required. With the object s selected, launch Jigsaw Puzzle Creator and you will be presented with the following dialog where you can customize the look of your puzzle:.

After you are done, click the "Create" button and you will have a grouped set of puzzle pieces with your object s in them.

Puzzle Pattern Generator

You can ungroup the pieces and shuffle them on the page:. For more detailed description of the user interface and the functionality of the program, click here:. You must ensure that Visual Basic for Applications is installed. Run the setup program and it will install all the files for you automatically. Make sure that you have VBA installed beforehand. Follow this link for additional installation instructions.

Select " JigsawPuzzle JigsawPuzzle. Start " macro by selecting it in Macro name list and clicking Run button. Jigsaw Puzzle Creator is a shareware product. It is fully functional in the downloaded version however it has an evaluation period of 7 days.

You must register the program to continue using it. If you like this or any other commercial products available on this web site, you can help promote them.

128: Puzzles

The affiliate program is provided by MyCommerce. Click here to sign up or go to the following page for more information about the affiliate network. Do you have comments or questions about this program? Post them online in the forum section of this site.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

Do you want to chat live? Click here! We are running a sale on Popup Card Studio. Click here to order now! We are also running a sale if you purchase both Make The Cut! Click here to order! Andy Administrator Posts: 4, Hello all These generated puzzles are created for cutters It doesn't create separate jigsaw pieces It creates these puzzles using just Bezier curves so its output is extremely scalable.

wolfie puzzle generator

This program is in Demo mode unless you have registered MTC. This program will be included in version 3. This program is now included with Make The Cut version 3. Check out what Chad from KNK did with this!

I dare you! I don't often test my code But when I do, I do it in production. PNG PNG 54K. Post edited by Andy on November June Andy - this looks great! We can use it to cut photographs into puzzle pieces.

Now I wish I had a cutter that could cut thicker chipboard. June edited June This is Great. I'd Really like to Play With 3. JeannetteC Member Posts: 3, That's great Andy! Soooooo Cooooool!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Live well Love deeply Laugh often Be grateful. ImaCutter Member Posts: 3, If only I had a cutter that could handle this This looks really cool!!!! Thanks for the nice new toy!Save your puzzles in your own private account so you can always edit and manage them.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Creator for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

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Best Crossword Puzzle Maker The best crossword puzzle maker you will find online with loads of features! Canvas LMS integration Extend the crossword puzzle maker into your courses with ease! Code Puzzle Maker Puzzel.As I was considering how we could better support an app like his, I became a little curious about how one would go about generating puzzle pieces with unique shapes.

Type numbers or click the arrows in the text boxes to generate new puzzles. Standard jigsaw puzzles are essentially m x n matrices, with m rows and n columns. If we can generate a curve with a knob, then we can generate a puzzle by placing one such curve on every interior edge. If we can also randomize the shape of the curve a bit each time, then we can generate a random puzzle. So how can we generate a random curve? Try dragging the blue circles around in the box below until the curve resembles the one shown above for the edge of a puzzle piece.

The circles will turn green when they enter a good region. Nice job. The puzzle edge that you created is a B-splinewith control point duplication on the ends. You might have noticed that each point can move around a pretty good amount in its local region and still produce a nice-looking puzzle edge. This lays the basis for how we can generate random edges: slightly vary the locations for each control point within well-defined regions.

The first coordinate of each point represents its percentage displacement in the direction of the edge. The second coordinate represents its percentage displacement perpendicular to the edge. In order to make some of the knobs point inward and some of them point outward, we also randomly invert each of the second coordinates in about half of the edges.

For an m x n puzzle, we need n m - 1 knobby edges going across to form the row boundaries, and m n - 1 knobby edges going vertically to form the column boundaries. We also need 2m flat edges on the sides and 2n flat edges for the top and bottom.

Since we expressed our edge distributions as offsets, we can use a single function to generate both the horizontal and vertical edges and worry about orienting them later:. Now that we have all of our edges, we need to assemble them in the proper arrangement. Each interior knobby edge of a puzzle is shared by two puzzle pieces.

We can use our rows and columns arrays to refer to specific edges and re-use them when needed as we move through the logical rows and columns of our puzzle:. Now we have points for all four edges of every piece in our puzzle, offset to their correct locations.

You can view the full sourceincluding the offset functions, and play with the generator in the bl. Discuss on Hacker News. Rows: Columns:. Try me! Nice job!Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: New Puzzle Generator! New Puzzle Generator! Well I hope yall will be as excited as I am! Failing to find a puzzle generator online or anything reasonably priced, I decided to do what I should have done in the first place Make one.

This is not just an overlay, it generates the puzzle based on your input of size, pieces per row and selected tab shape. I made 6 tab styles to start with so I could get it going. I can easily add more tab styles as time permits. If yall have some good ideas on tabs, send them along to me as SVG or Corel x7 or earlier and I can probably add them. You will want to keep the node count lowremember its 4 of these tabs per side per piece! You specify a few parameters and it will generate various output styles for you to use.

It will generate cut lines all horizontal at once, all vertical at once for lasers. This way the laser can cut an entire path across the puzzle instead of individual pieces. That really cuts down on laser time.

It will optionally generate grouped shapes as individual pieces. This would be useful as a graphics overlay use. The output SVG is fully vector so its scaleable with no loss in quality. I generated a 4x3 puzzle and cut it out of 3mm ply. It worked perfectly and the pieces fit just fine. I would appreciate any feedback on it. I am always looking to improve how I do things.

I have only tested this in FireFox. My IE is not allowed on the web firewall. I don't think there should be an issue with other browsers though.Laura, of Laura Lynne Artwas looking for help with how to make her art into a puzzle.

In the past, she has made puzzles by painting directly onto a store bought one, but lasers could make the process smoother. Instead of painting directly on wood, Laura decided one of her paper cut prints might work better for this puzzle test. I totally understand — original art in a test run is always a dicey prospect.

Because paper can singe in the laser as discussed in Week Tips for Cutting Paperthe paper needed to be sealed. That way any burning residue can be easily wiped away.

My part was to get the vector puzzle ready. Luckily my fellow laser cutters have made the job easy; there are plenty of vector puzzle generators on-line. All you have to do is plug in your dimensions, tweak the settings they give you to your satisfaction, and you are off and running! Make sure the lines for the puzzles pieces are not individual pieces, but instead are cutting columns and rows.

The space between the pieces may be looser than in a store bought puzzle. I liked that the tweaks you make to the puzzle are visible in real time. Files are laser ready when downloaded — the only tweaks I did were rounding the outside corners of the puzzle and making it red, which is the cut color for my laser.

You can choose funky tab shapes, though the laser friendly status may be tested on some of them, like the Christmas trees. I thought the pentagon shape was fun, which is why I ran a small test with that! One less step. Once again, I rounded the corners afterwards. Papered puzzle…except where the air assist blew it off! We did end up papering the puzzles before cutting as well — that also makes clean up easier. But, of course, then you have to depaper all of them at the end.

One other tip — masking tape is your best friend when you want to get the newly cut puzzle off the laser in one piece! Interested in collaborating on a post? Email either Jen or Ryan through the contact page! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Jen December 28, The row and column are highlighted!

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