We are located in New Holland, Pennsylvania, and our goal is to have healthy, friendly and happy goldendoodles. Daisy, is an F1B, low shedding and is allergy friendly. We enjoy having Daisy, our Goldendoodle, live in our home with us. Daisy had 12 puppies on March 8.

retired goldendoodles for sale

Call and reserve your puppy today. A mixed-breed dog, a Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. As a result of their lineage, they are a very intelligent breed. Usually bred to be a family dog, some are bred and selected for careers in service to humans, as Guide Dogs, therapy dogs and other types of assistance dogs.

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Send us an email, or give us a call, to learn more about the dogs we raise. New Holland, PA Family Raised Goldendoodles We are located in New Holland, Pennsylvania, and our goal is to have healthy, friendly and happy goldendoodles.

Retired Labradoodles

Learn more…. What is a Goldendoodle? Buy a Puppy Interested in buying a Goldendoodle? View puppies! Contact Us Have a question? Message us! Copyright Weaver Homestead Golden Doodles.

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All Rights Reserved.The foundation of our Labradoodle breeding program began with AKC Labrador and Poodle lines that had been genetically tested for years. We have had the pleasure of owning many fantastic dogs who have contributed to the success of the Labradoodle Puppies we are providing families with today. Below are a few chosen dogs that were pivotal in the foundation our business.

Aspen retired to her guardian family in Bend, Oregon. We purchased Aspen in March of to start our breeding program. She has a very outgoing and friendly temperament and loves to fetch. Her excellent hip scores started us off on a good note with all of her offspring. The sire of her Labradoodle litters also has fantastic hip scores and a sweet, mellow temperament. The combination of these two dogs produced 4 litters of wonderful F1 Labradoodles for us.

Bailey lived out her long life with our parents in Lebanon, Oregon. She was born March 6, She was an incredibly mellow Labrador with an intense desire to please. Bailey was at the top of her class in obedience, and was a medium-size with great confirmation.

Her sire was a confirmation and junior field trial champion. She loved to swim, fetch, and hang out in the house or on the trail. Her hips were certified with OFA as good.

Other health clearances include CERF and cardiac. Bailey retired after having 4 litters of beautiful F1 Labradoodle puppies. Trusty was owned by Spring Creek Labradoodles at the time we hired him to sire multiple litters of F1 Labradoodles and Goldendoodles for us.

The combination of his sweet, mellow temperament and excellent hips scores started our foundation lines off very well. He was a small standard, apricot poodle.

Royal lived in California after his retirement. He was born December 8, He was a fun-loving, happy fellow whose antics kept us laughing, as he bounced through life. He sired our red and apricot Labradoodle and Goldendoodle lines. His PennHip rating was good.We do not have any Puppies Available. They have all found their Forever Homes.

At this time we have decided to retire from breeding. Pheobi, Piper, and JR are retiring to enjoy their time as farm dogs.

Mystic and Karoline. Karoline and Katrina playing. Kolten and Joshua.

Retired dogs

Sleepy Babies after Play Time. We have decided this will be our last litter as we are retiring our parent dogs and retiring from breeding, so we will not be placing anyone our waitlist. Our babies are second generation or F1b which means they are shed-free.

They are very smart, easy to train, and very affectionate. They make great family dogs. Video of some of the pups playing. Click for video. Pheobi's babies. There is always one pup that loves the blocks on mom's stairs. One of the Beautiful Creme colored pups with straight, fluffy hair. Piper's Pups - Newest Video - Pups at 5 weeks. I just love the spotted babies. Pheobi's Boys at 4 weeks Part 1 - Click for Video. Pheobi's Boys at 4 weeks Part 2 - Click for Video.

Lunch Time. Piper is such a good mommy :.Marshmallow is a mini with a big heart and a sweet disposition! Weighing in at 17 pounds and only 13 inches, she is truly tiny but she is nice and sturdy with a beautiful compact build. She has a gorgeous caramel coat and beautiful green eyes! She is a stunner!

We are so happy to introduce Bernie to our program! She is a little clown! She will produce beautiful reds, apricots, caramels and creams for us here at SBL! Amelia does not know a stranger! A truly happy sweet soul this girl is. She literally thinks everyone who comes over is coming to see her.

And those hazel eyes…. We cannot wait to see the gorgeous babies she brings to us here at SBL! Sadie is a true joy! Sadie lives in her guardian home here in Yuba City.

She is loved by a family I have known for decades….

retired goldendoodles for sale

She has three children that love her dearly and a labrador retriever brother to hang out with. We are so excited to introduce CoCo Chanel into our program! She is a luxurious solid chocolate that is going to be the anchor of our chocolate line this Millie is our keeper from our Isobel and Baxter litter.

Millie has developed into a gorgeous micro-mini and we are in love with her! She will be bred with our boy Bailey in for a beautiful micro litter! Hennessy is one sweet girl! She loves to be with kids and other animals! Gentle in nature she is one of our bigger girls here at SBL weighing in the 40 pound range. Hennessy is gorgeous rich chocolate and we are excited to see her pups! Who does not love a good chocolate? Remy is just scrumptious and we are excited to have her!

Rue comes to SBL to bring in her amazing pedigree, sweet personality and that gorgeous chocolate coat! She is just the sweetest most lovable girl! A little ultra-mini, this little girl is the keystone of our ultra-mini program! Not only is she uber petite, she is a love-bug to boot! Gracie retired from SBL in the fall of Have a good retirement in Tahoe miss Gracie! Reagan is more than we could ever hoped for! Reagan has the heart of her guardian home and is a wonderful momma!

Father of our stud boy Sutter Buttes Kodachrome this boy surpasses every quality we ever wanted in the perfect SBL stud! Lola is an adorable caramel girl from our Oreo and Herc litter! She will mature 20 pound range and produce some beautiful caramel and chocolate nuggets!We still get to see Izzie often! Dottie is also an Australian Labradoodle. Dottie has definitely earned her retirement, after giving us 5 litters puppies, each as gorgeous as the next. Dottie is enjoying her retirement out in Victoria with her forever mom, Betty.

We miss you Dottie! Stella is an Australian Labradoodle who cam to us from Urban Doodles. She is medium size with a gorgeous soft fleece coat that was chocolate in colour but has matured into a gorgeous cafe colour. She lives with a lovely guardian family here in Edmonton. She continues to live with her forever family in Edmonton. It was a couple of rough months for Harley but he has bounced back marvelously.

His stunning color attracts a lot of attention everywhere he goes. He is gentle and loving while still being playful and goofy. Harley is now living with his my parents in Edmonton where he gets plenty of pampering and love!

Sierra earned her retirement and then some and is enjoying living in Edmonton with her forever family just down the street from us. Sierra is a gorgeous wool coat Australian labradoodle. She is super smart and extremely well behaved. She has gorgeous features and a personality to match! She is a little ball of energy. She is a mini Australian labradoodle with a gorgeous fleece apricot coat and black nose. She is living very well in a guardian home in Edmonton. Unfortunately, Tory's breeding career was not meant to be so she will live out her life in Victoria with her wonderful family and her pal Rufus!

Ruby became a part of our family a couple of years ago. She arrived from Urban Doodles. We have found a lovely home for Ruby where we know that she is getting the love and attention that she deserves.

Thanks Dave and Jennifer! We miss you Ruby xoxo. Davidson Doodles. Sidebar [Skip].Founded inDoodle Rescue Collective, Inc. DRC is a volunteer foster based rescue comprised of a "collective" of over registered volunteers nationwide. Through our programs, DRC provides refuge, safe haven, vet care, rehabilitation, transport, and quality forever homes for doodle dogs in need.

retired goldendoodles for sale

DRC is also dedicated to providing support services and re-home assistance for those needing to find new forever homes for their family pets. We are proud to work collaboratively and cooperatively with other responsible and reputable rescue organizations, shelters, animal control facilities, veterinarians and animal care providers.

Our outstanding reputation and willingness to work together with other organizations further facilitates our doodle dog rescue efforts, ensuring the safety, health and well-being of homeless doodles throughout North America and the world. Through and with our programs, services, outreach and educational resources, DRC inspires and encourages humane volunteerism, responsible companion animal care and ownership, advocates for responsible breeding practices and promotes public awareness of the plight of the doodle dog, the horrors of puppy mills and the commercial pet trade industry.

Be certain that your home environment and lifestyle are both compatible with, and appropriate for, rescue doodles, in accordance with our policies and requirements.

retired goldendoodles for sale

Full size images. Share Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. Close Main Navigation Menu. Sign Up Log In. Hide Saved searches. Main Content. Doodle Rescue Collective Inc.

Montclair, NJ. Adoption Application Share Follow Us. Finding pets for you….Sienna is a lovable, sweet girl who loves to play! Folks especially love her playfulness, pleasant disposition, and beautiful red coat. After a long excursion bounding in the park, in the woods, on the beach, or in the snow Sienna transforms from an energetic fur ball to a cuddle buddy.

Sienna loves other dogs, is great with kids her family has young childrenand is a loving mother. She is extremely bright as well as fast.

She is also a wonderful companion to her older brother Milo bichon frise. When not at the park Sienna can be found chewing on her Nylabone, sleeping, or cuddling with any member of the family. To say that Maggie is friendly is a bit of an understatement. Everyone she meets is her new best friend — especially if they come with tennis balls in hand! Maggie is unusually smart; she intuitively understands expectations and knows every nuance of our routines.

She can retrieve tennis balls that even the FBI would consider lost. When not playing fetch, Maggie loves walks, rides, parties, outings, and any other activity that allows her to spend time with her family. She loves playing with other dogs and never shows any aggression.


Put simply, she is a lovely labradoodle. Maya loves cuddling with her big brother a Rottweiler and playing with people and other dogs. Roxie is a real cuddle-bunny with a disposition to match. Roxie is very smart and learns new tricks very quickly. Roxie makes friends cautiously, but once she knows you, be ready to give her lots of attention.

She is the delight of all the adults and children in the neighborhood. He loves every person and every dog he meets! Romeo is a sweet loving, affectionate, yet confident guy with a soft fleece coat to pass along to his puppies. Romeo has produced outstanding, sound puppies. He lives with his guardian family in Maine. He is a proven sire and has produced beautiful puppies.

No matter the female, Willie will produce only cream, apricot, and red puppies. No matter the female, Zorro will only sire chocolate, black, and parti-colored black and chocolate puppies. Zorro has an ideal labradoodle temperament: he is playful, sweet, and loving. He loves playing with his toys and especially enjoys a good bout of tug-of-war. Always ready to give kisses, Zorro is great with children, well-behaved, and intelligent not to mention handsome!

He was the foundation of our current generation of labradoodle puppies.

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