Can I request a MC who made cosplay of the demon bros demon look? I hope you like it! Keep reading. You tilted your head up, and put your D.

Did you need something, Asmo? Your face froze, and you almost burst out coughing. Asmodeus watched silently as your mouth opened and closed soundlessly. Is this some kind of prank? Did Mammon or Satan set you up to this? No one else.

After a moment, you put a finger to your chin in contemplation. Like, yeah, you want to make them happy, but… more than that, you want to see them okay. Like how I feel with you guys. Asmodeus placed a hand on your arm, cutting you off.

You love me too? I just read some of your obey me! I actually love this request so I hope it meets your expectations! The set up was just too good. You managed to survive nearly a whole year in the Devildom.

All of that for nothing. You were definitely gonna die after this. You were about to get tormented to death. If you like my writing, please leave a like and a comment and follow me to see similar content in the future :D! You raised an eyebrow at the brother that directed the question at you, and he responds with a cheeky grin. Mammon, Satan and Lucifer are sprawled out on the various armchairs spread throughout the room Well, Mammon and Satan are sprawled out.Are You Up?

Why am I talking to you right now? Leviathan: What, it's not in service?! UGH, come on! No, I dialed the wrong number!

MC: Hello! It's Luminous! Do you want to fight me? Great, now I've got you on the line completely by accident! Leviathan: I'm totally getting wrecked in all of these battles. All I wanted was to relax and hear Luminous-chan whispering in my ear! And since I spent all my time talking with you, I missed out on the time frame she was available. Leviathan: Ah, yeah, you're right. It's not your fault. Real talk, I was actually going to be collecting random voice clips of new characters after completing the map around this time.

Nothing's working out at all MC: I'm sorry. Leviathan: Why are you apologizing, MC? I'm the one who took it out on you when you didn't deserve it. If I had just made sure to dial the right number, I'd be talking with Luminous-chan right now Leviathan: Man, this is the pits Hey, MC. Talk about something that'll cheer me up. Uhh, normie stuff's off-limits though. No spoilers for anime I haven't seen yet either.

Anything besides that's fair game! Come on now! Don't keep me waiting! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Surprise Guest. Home Screen.

leviathan obey me

Memory Box. Categories :. Cancel Save.Just something that popped into my head. Boys argue what to do with it. Egg close to hatching wiggles out of their grasp and falls. MC jumps in and catches it. Egg hatches and the first thing it sees is MC and imprints.

How would the seven brothers react to MC having a dragon baby sticking to her, following around, and spits fire at anyone who tries to separate them? Thousand years old and he still hasn't kissed anyone?! My baby If that's not the softest thing ever I don't know what is! Original post from Obey Me twitter. Posts Ask me anything Masterlist Archive. Why the hell is this what he gets for it!? Back at the House of Lamentation, Lucifer was doing well hiding his emotions That is, until Diavolo walked in Lucifer snapped and started blaming Diavolo for taking him away from you Everyone was scared.

There was no second player. You were asleep, so he cried his heart out and put your hand on his head. Why are you calling…? Mc is on their way to the hospital, head over right away. He did so much research on your species. Of course you were confused. The thing set his cape on fire once He just thought of it as a smaller version of his annoying younger brother However, one day Diavolo came over Ahem.

He started treating MiniMammon like his own son. There was never a moment when MiniMammon was uncomfortable.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You're woken up in the middle of the night by Leviathan, who has something very important to ask you. What could it be? To begin your enrollment, please provide your credit and or debit card number when sending your applications to mammoney ddd. A collection of headcanon requests made by the people for the people of our favorite demons, angels, and resident sorcerer.

Head on over here to make your request NOW! They love to feed you. What happens when our Seven Lords get turned into children, and with nobody but Rosa and Diavolo on hand to handle them? Cute scenarios between ikemen demons from Obey Me and reader.

Will try to keep it gender neutral so everyone can enjoy. This was not the best idea, you realised. You mentally kicked yourself as you stared at the petals in your hand, biting back at the bile in your throat. What were you going to do? You knew what would happen, you were only human after all. CW for some minor body horror typical of this trope, but there's nothing too in your face!

You're the soulmate to one of the seven deadly sins. Who is it and how will your life change because of it? This follows the game's storyline, with additional scenes, fluff, and smut! Note: This is my first published fanfiction, so please be kind with your critiques.

My updating schedule will probably be random because of college coursework and I have to focus on my own stories, as I am a creative writing major. Levi's Birthday is coming up and his demon brothers have been thinking of ways to celebrate it. His traditional birthday has always been the same for years, shutting himself inside his rooms playing his games etc. Since they have you now MCcould they finally have their shut-in brother celebrate his special day with them?

I started playing this game and I absolutely love it and all the brothers.

leviathan obey me

So I decided to make random one-shots with the brothers paired up with the Reader or MC. You're a noble witch who was chosen to be an exchange student in Devildom.

When you meet eight incredibly attractive men, what will you do? House of Lamentation Bois x Reader. Chapter 1 Headcanon: Asmo hated unsightly things. He is a professional.Originally posted by auroras-boreales. Lady Diavolo? What happened? Was it something tragic or For those who wanted to see the compilation, here is part 3 with Beel and Belphie.

Hope you peeps like em.

Obey Me! Official Opening - Sinful Indulgence

For those who wanted to see the compilation, here is part 2 with Satan, and Asmodeus. For those who wanted to see the compilation, here is part 1 with Lucifer, Mammon and Levi. I saw that little Diavolo had long hair. What would she look like now if she had continued to kept it long? Diavolo : My hair was long for quite a while actually… I decided to have it cut when… Well I wanted a change.

Barbatos : Must you be so cryptic? Why ya on their side? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most popular Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

Grid View List View. Show more notes. His favorite blankey? Why are you like this. Easter Event Pt.

Comfort (Leviathan x Reader)

Obey me Obey me! Obey me Otome game Obey me! Another commission I had done of my mc Aria and her bestie Yuki with the twins. Art work done by lilithsgayadoptednephew Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! I will definitely be back! Diavolo : Hmm? I did want a change. Barbatos : Oh yes, My Lady. Though I do miss tending to your long hair. Belphie : Well, good morning Satan. Levi : You are yelly. Chill out. What did Lucifer do?

Asmo : Is that it?

obey me memes

Get a grip Satan. Bring it on! Mammon : Jeez can we all calm down!? Asmo : shut up Mammon!Y'all serious want me to draw another one. I never thought many people will like my previous one. Everyone is here!

How these demons and mc? Happy Birthday Leviathan! I saw obey me official page on fb about demon brother height.

The first thing I saw was Mammon is unexpectedly short. Mammon and Belphie same height and Asmo is shortest boi. I had draw them. Part 2 now available here! MC and Mammon were in the kitchen together, he was currently lecturing MC for being so nice to the eldest brother. You remember he almost killed ya once right? She had planned to surprise Lucifer in his study with his favourite meloncholy coffee and a few bits to eat but Mammon ensured to make this a difficult task for her.

All she wanted to do was try and ease Lucifer who she imagined was staring at reports on his desk getting more and more stressed by the second. Lucifer raised his eyebrows as he hid behind the door hearing his name. I like to think I bring out a softer side to him.

leviathan obey me

MC chuckled to herself, pausing her actions as she contemplated the thought. Lucifer was in a state of shock hearing those three words slip out of her mouth.

leviathan obey me

He tried to remain poised, clearing his throat before returning to his study. Mammon was on his way to leave the house to go out and treat himself to whatever luxuries he could find. As he approached the staircase he stopped when he saw MC and Satan having what appeared to be a serious conversation at the bottom of the stairs. Wanting to know why Satan was having such a serious conversation with his human, Mammon hung back and hid behind a wall so that he could overhear them.It had been one of those days.

Well, really it had been one of those weeks. Of course, Lucifer would probably have your head if he found out you were skipping classes, so you went about your days pretending you were fine. But knowing the otaku demon, it was either anime or a new video game he bought. His enthusiasm and passion for his interests was something that never failed to bring a smile to your face, even when you were feeling down. Your day at school, thankfully, passed by in a blur.

Mammon made a point of bragging about his latest modeling job he scored as he walked you home, trying to convince you to go with him.

Leviathan/Home Screen

Naturally, he pouted like a child when you turned him down, whining that you were missing the opportunity of a lifetime! You were barely in the door when Leviathan was charging at you from the common room, rushing you into kicking off your schools before he dragged you up to his room.

You tried to argue that you still had your RAD uniform on and that he should at least give you a minute to change, but he was hearing none of it. However, that excuse fell apart quickly when you gave him a set of puppy dog eyes, letting you hurry off to your room on a time limit.

You changed into more comfortable clothes quickly, using up only 3 minutes of the 5-minute limit he gave you. You were back in his room just as he had finished setting everything up.


You took note of the snacks that he had set up in different bowls around his room. Wowyou thought, this must be really important. Leviathan usually never went all out like this unless it was mega important. Seems like a lot for just a few episodes. You cringed at how spicy it was, some of the flavors were intense in the Devildom.

No, no, no. And they finally released it all at once on DVD. People have been speculating about it for so long and AH! You laughed at his energy, simply nodding as you reclined on his bed. He dove into bed next to you once the opening began playing, delight blooming on his face immediately. The show had barely started, and he was already lost in it. It had been a few hours and you were only a few episodes deep.

Levi had told you it had multiple seasons with at least 12 episodes each, so you really were going to be there for the night.

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