One of my power users just brought this up to me. He noticed over the weekend his computer lagging graphically while working on a project. Try uninstalling the drivers and then running a little program called Driver Sweeper to remove any remnants of said drivers. I think Will is correct. You need to change it to PCI or whatever the other option is for Graphics. This is an interesting one that we have dealt with.

The built in Intel card is used for the laptop display, where the Nvidia card is used for external displays. I am not sure if you can force change this to use the Nvidia for the onboard panel or not.

The only advantage we have found with the Precisions that come with the Nvidia cards is they can do triple displays. You can have 2 external displays on and also have the laptop panel open and working as well, giving you 3 independent displays. With those you are limited to 2 displays only, and it uses the ATI card for the laptop panel itself obviously since it is the only card installed.

We have tried to stay away from the Precisions with Nvidia because of this setup. Most users do not need triple displays anyways. That would explain quite a bit, I'll test this out with plugging the computer into an external display. I think it will still let you use 3 monitors.

[Guide] How to control fans on Dell Laptops under Windows

With it enabled you also won't be able to clone the laptop display to an external display if you want to use a projector. Check the nVidia control panel. With the AMD on my Win 8. Or you can force certain exe files to open by right-clicking them and choosing the Graphics Co-processor. If I remember correctly, Optimus technology means that the Intel Graphics is always on, because is the only GPU connected directly to the laptop's screen. When necessary, the nVidia GPU does the heavy job, but it must pass the final frames already rendered through the integrated GPU to the screen.

Although you don't mention the software you are using, we have been suffering that problem with Autocad, and after contacting Autodesk they told us they are aware of that, but have yet to release a patch. Right click on the desktop, go to Nvidia Control Panel.

In the Global presets drop down select Base Profile.The only answer I found for this issue was from 2 years ago and the options arent the same anymore. I want to connect 2 external monitors through a dell pros2x docking station while using the laptops display. Ive adjusted resolution and restarted the PC several times. You're correct.

How to "Disable" Laptop / Notebook Onboard Intel HD Graphic Card

I think the below document should help clear a few things up:. See below option:. Second, it all depends on what kind of graphics card you have in that machine. From what you are saying the card only supports 2 monitors regardless of your monitor configuration. Howell IT is an IT service provider. Make sure you have the latest Dell video driver for its service tag installed.

We have some Ms that work just fine with the laptop display and 2 external monitors using an E dock, don't remember exactly what model of dock though. If it is stuck in intel graphics then using the displayport to dvi cables is going to be your best bet. Check your cables. I had a M do something similar and it turned out to be one of the brand new DVI cables were bad out of the bag. I switched the cable between the monitors and the problem followed that cable, I swapped out the cable and the third monitor came to life.

Now all my equipment was brand new and I configured it so I knew it would push two monitors on the E-port and the laptop display at the same time. I would run the service tag through the Dell support page and verify how that laptop was configured when it was ordered and verify that it can push three monitors. The Dell site is really good about finding the proper drivers for your specific system as well.

Make sure that you are running at least a W power supply to the dock, the wrong power supply to the dock can cause odd issues as well. Thank you all for your replies. I know the cables are good. Ive tried using a straight DVI the monitor does not even get recognized that way.

With the adapter it gets recognized but no picture will display. Here is the reason from Dell support: The M machine has two graphics cards in it. The Nvidia high power unit, and a low power Nvidia. Optimus being enabled allows both of them to operate.

If Optimus gets turned off, it won't power more than two.You can't run both, at least on the models of Optiplex I've used, you can either run add on cards or the onboard video but not both. When it detects an add on card it shuts off the onboard video. If you are trying to run mulitple monitors you will need to either add multiple cards or a single card capable of multiple monitor support. For gaming you'll want to go with a good add in card.

It depends on the model not sure of this onesome allow and others simply disable the onboard video once a video card is installed. I know it used to be possible in some cases, but not always. I think it's a function of whether the motherboard supports doing it or not. You'd have to see if you can find something in the bios that would keep the onboard active when you plug in the PCI card.

From what I've worked on with our Dells, I don't think you can. I'm not sure what you're looking to achieve, but would a splitter be an option? I've done so on optiplex L, and It's better though to have a video card with dual monitor capability. It just works better. Yeah I have dual monitors now just doing a lot of VM testing so one more monitor would be really helpful.

USB 2. We run a couple of these here for computers we didn't want to buy another graphics card for. There's several brands, and can be found pretty cheap. Best route is multiple PCI video cards Check with Video card to ensure compatability. I know that Dell sells them and I apologize for not knowing other vendors but that option or a video card with two video outputs would work as well.

I've run 6 of the USB graphics adaptors on the same machine, just to see if it would choke. They ran just fine. In that case you just need to go into personalization settings, pick the standard theme and then set your wallpaper back to whatever you were using before you reset the theme.

They ran just fine You'd obviously still have to have the system to run all the apps that would take up those monitors, but still I agree that it is always best to have a dual video card, but you can use both in some circumstances.

First you must be using a plain old PCI graphics card. PCI-e and AGP graphics slots give the card direct access to memory on the motherboard which is usually used by the onboard adapter, thus disabling it. Provided these conditions are met, you can use both adapters as separate displays. I promise you can. The computer I'm typing on is an Optiplex with a single port PCI card running my main display and onboard running the 'Help-Desk' display.

Thanks for backing me up here. The rest I put the proper cards in because I was able to convince the bean counters to spend more money. I ran the 6 monitors from an either an HP b or laptop and put all 6 on USB only just to see if it could handle it.

I now run just 3, 2 on my current laptop's vga and dvi with the third on USB.I know the cause of the error is that the game keeps identifying my integrated graphics card Intel HD as the main graphics card whereas I have a dedicated graphics card onboard Nvidia GeForce GT M, 2GB dedicated memory. The issue is that my integrated card only supports OpenGL 3. I have also attempted to disable my Intel HD through device manager couldn't disable it through biosbut whenever I do so that turns off my laptop's display.

Strange in my opinion! On the other side, I ran the game without the integrated graphics card while using my TV as the displayand the game runs just fine!!!!! Instead only identifying the integrated Intel HD Graphics card or identifies the integrated graphics card as the primary for some reason! Help please, I want to play the game on my laptop's screen not on my TV Also on a side question, is it possible to completely disable my integrated graphics card Intlel HD without losing my display?

If so, how? Thank you for your time. EDIT: I have found out that a similar problem I used to have with another game Watch Dogs about the game requiring my video card to support DirectX 11 for the game to run so it never rannow works smoothly when I disable my integrated graphics card and use my TV as my main display!

Go to Solution. You can have a look at the folllowing link to switch between Intel graphics and discrete graphics nVidia, in your case :. View solution in original post. You can set the graphics card preference in nVidia control panel. You can set the option globally always use nVidia processor or configure for individual application use nVidia graphics processor for Wolfenstein.

Only the Intel GPU has a connection to the display screen - all video data passes through it on its way to the display, so there is no way to disable it and have a functional system. Check with the publisher of the game for its recommendations on settings for hybrid video -- not all games will work with a hybrid setup. Is that why both games identify the integrated graphics card as the primary card though? What do you mean it is a co-processor? I am pretty confident my laptop is supposed to meet the requirements of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

One is with a true hardware multiplexer that allows hardware control of which GPU is active. The other is with a mux-less software-switched design where only the Intel GPU has a physical connection to the display panel. The vast majority of systems are designed this way - as is yours. It's a much more power-efficient way to run the system, but it is also demanding from a software driver standpoint as well. Yes, this is why your Intel GPU always shows primary - it channels all video data to the screen.

So basically I cannot play those 2 games without the use of a 2nd monitor, because technically that's the only "physical" connection that can be established directly to the Nvidia GPU, and thus the only way to disable the Intel GPU while losing my main display alongside? The nVIdia GPU should work for the internal display as well as the external - as mentioned before, check with the game publisher on recommended settings for hybrid video. Games don't make special requirements nor any different settings for hybrid setup as you say, so I don't see your point here?I have big trouble with my two units of Dell Precision I want to disable "Switchable graphics", because some OS do not support two graphics simultaneously.

Notebook is working system is booting in the backgrounddisplay is back lighted, but nothing appears on the display. I have checked BIOS 1. I have been checking many times with different BIOS configurations. Always disabling "Switchable gprahics" makes system unusable. Unfortunately, it was one or two times. When I disable "Switchable graphics" and restart, I get without-signal display. The only solution is reset BIOS setting to default by removing and putting back the coin battery.

Could anybody confirm that issue? I also have almost the same issue with it. What I found out by now - if energy saving is on, you can let windows start to the login screen that you don't seeclose the display enable standbyre-activate it, and mostly the display is coming after that. I never had to reset BIOS v1. As the screen itself is turning on background ledi think the issue is about the connection from the AMD FirePro WM card to the display when switching is enabled.

IGP isn't experiencing this issue at all. What's also part of this issue is, when IGP is disabled, the display is flickering from time to time in Windows Windows 7 x This issue neither changed when I updated the driver, nor was it affected by installing Catalyst. There was a new BIOS version 1. As you have still less performance with switching enabled, I'll go further with dedicated graphics only, as we have to get the devices out in the business.

Thank you for posting this. I can confirm for you that Dell engineering is working on the problem. I'm glad to hear 1. I will post back when I know more. Dell Support is also on Twitter! I disabled switchable graphics in the BIOS and picked up a performance increase in doing so, plus eliminated a few pesky problems e. LCD panel flickering with the display set to 60hz, but no flickering at 48hz.

The LCD panel is still lit, and I can see my mouse cursor when moving the mouse on the blank screen, but there's no content. I don't even see the login screen when I start Windows, though I can log in if I use the fingerprint reader. When this happens, if I connect the second monitor, I can see the desktop on that monitor and it acts like the LCD panel is still there because I can see it in Display Properties and it acts like apps are spanning the two monitors.

dell precision turn off intel graphics

The problem remains if I restart, standby, etc. After that, I can reboot into BIOS, turn switchable graphics back off, and boot successfully back into Windows using both the laptop display panel and the secondary monitor. However, the next time I unplug the secondary monitor, the whole process starts over again. I read elsewhere that turning off secure boot and enabling other ROM options can fix the issue, but I haven't tried that yet.

Dell tech support advised to wait weeks for their engineers to release a fix. I'm hopeful.The Dell Precision packs the power of a high-end workstation into the svelte and sexy body of a premium Ultrabook. Dell's XPS 15 is one of our favorite laptops, thanks to its luxurious carbon-fiber-and-aluminum chassis, its colorful InfinityEdge display and its powerful performance. But what if you want the benefits of Dell's best consumer laptops, but need the power of a mobile workstation for professional 3D modeling, CAD or other intense tasks?

It has the same chassis, screen and keyboard as the XPS 15, but packs the performance that a professional animator or engineer might need, including an optional 7th Generation Intel Xeon processor and Nvidia Quadro graphics. Add in excellent battery life, and the Dell Precision is the inch workstation to beat. The Precision has the same exact design as the company's gorgeous XPS 15 consumer laptop. Under its machined aluminum lid sits a luxurious carbon-fiber body, complete with a patterned, soft-touch deck that feels great against your wrists as you type.

A nearly bezel-free InfinityEdge display completes this premium look and feel.

dell precision turn off intel graphics

Weighing 4. The nearly identical XPS 15 weighs 4. Military equipment must pass for ruggedness. That means it can be operated in extremely hot and cold environments as low as minus Dell offers its security features a la carte.

However, both competitors offer an optional fingerprint reader for biometric login, while the Precision does not. The Precision 's x panel is bright, vivid and sharp. When I watched a scene from John Wick: Chapter 2 on the screen, I was impressed by the inky blackness of the night sky against the gleaming yellow taxis and the reds of the glowing tail lights.

As the car chase finished, I could see plenty of detail in the dents of the busted car and its shattered windows. That's better than the mainstream-notebook average 94 percentbut the 4K panels on the ZBook Studio G3 percent and the ThinkPad P50 percent offer more color. The Precision 's screen is rather accurate, getting a 1. That score beats those from the ZBook Studio G3 2. This workstation emits up to nits a measurement of brightnesswhich is higher than the nit ZBook Studio G3 and the nit ThinkPad P50, as well as the nit category average.

We tested an XPS 15 with this display and were blown away by its ability to produce percent of the sRGB color gamut and accurate 1. It produced a somewhat-dimmer nits of brightness. The Precision's backlit keyboard offers a decent typing experience. I clicked my way to 75 words-per-minute on the 10fastfingers. Its keys offer 1. The ThinkPad P50's keyboard, by comparison, offers a deep 2 mm of travel with 60 grams of force, and is a joy to use.

The Precision's 4. It quickly accepted my three-finger app-switching gestures, and my two-finger scrolling registered without stutter. The Precision blasts enough volume to fill our large conference room with its warm-sounding audio.Welcome to the Community. By default the integrated video card is disabled when there is Graphics card installed. The Intel integrated chip is NOT disabled by default. I have an XPS 17 LX and have the same problem,the Intel chip is constanly being used and no way to get the nVidia chip set to use a program?

Ran 3D Mark Vantage Pro and same problem. I just don't believe at this point there is any way to get the nvidia chip in use.

dell precision turn off intel graphics

E T 2. The Optimus technology is designed to maximize performance and user experience on the computer, while minimizing the impact on battery life. The nVidia GPU is turned on only for preset applications and thus extends the battery life.

Customers can choose low profile settings for applications that do not require high-end graphics and in turn save on power consumption. For multi-media and gaming which require high end graphics the user can change the graphics features and experience the best high definition view. Users can also create application profiles for any application on the computer. This may be required for newly released games or applications that do not have a default application profile.

I understand what your saying,i have set and added the programs i want the nvidia chip to use but it is of no use. Even the apps. I know what is,and what it is used for,however it is not working when i set programs to use the oposite chip?

Downloads for Graphics Drivers

I have successfully installed the new nVidia driverif you are talking about DO NOT uninstall any previous driver,as the install proccess does that during install. It took about 3 minutes for it to complete.

It does have support for the new hybrid graphics. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Can you Manually disable Integrated graphics? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Re: Can you Manually disable Integrated graphics? Hi Nickcartwright15, Welcome to the Community. Thank you Royan. Select Manage 3D Settings. Select Program Settings tab Click Add button. Browse to and select the application executable that needs the new profile.

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