Slim is a medic from the fourth wave of Huntersboasting an offensive playstyle. Slim uses a Leech Gun which weakens the monster and speeds up the recharge of his Healing BurstSpore Cloud Launcher which masks hunter scenta Healing Drone, and the standard Healing Burst that all medics have. Slim is not recommended for beginners, but has high rewards for experienced ones. Click here to view his quotes. His genes are modified with arthropods insects - particularly with dragonflies.

They told him that once the war ended, he'd be able to revert back to his human self. The rest of his friends were either killed or captured, then executed at the end of the war. Slim and Crow teamed up to take down a Goliath before meeting up with Sunny and Torvald. Slim, a veteran of the third Mutagen Wars from the rebel side, as opposed to Hyde and Lazarus who fought in Sol Guard.

According to commentary from Bucket, Val, Hyde and Lazarus, he is one of numerous rebels who spliced their genes to take on insect-like traits. Whether Slim's own extensive modification was the standard or if he was a special case is unknown. According to him, he has an extra set of lungs for CO2 recycling, and his exoskeleton allows him to survive in the void of space.

Slim may look like an experiment gone wrong, but his insect humanoid DNA is genetic engineering at its finest. When you need someone to deal damage and keep your heart pumping, call on Slim.

According to Caira, he probably has such a severe case of PTSD from the war that he can barely remember his real name or life from before. Slim tries to forget his unpleasant past, and has an extremely hard time doing so.

He believes he has no future, and so tries to live in the present. On occasion, he will call himself by his real name: Alex - but he never says it out loud, only to himself.

He attempts to stay positive by keeping away from conversations about his past, and often sounds depressed when reminded of the war.

Slim seemingly has no memory of his time before the war, and Caira states that she believes this is PTSD.

alex slim first and last netflix

Slim's primary weapon, which deals damage to the Monster while reducing the cooldown of his Healing Burst ability. The cooldown is reduced based on the number of shots that hit the monster and other wildlife. Three pellets hit will recharge it fully. It functions somewhat like a shotgun, and is referred to as a shotgun during Slim and Markov's conversation.

alex slim first and last netflix

Slim's Leech Gun is biomechanical, having what appears to be biological components such as muscle tissues and ligaments visible inside the weapon, which is visible when reloading. This weapon uses "maggots" as ammo which fires green biosynthetic discharge. These maggots are fed with a nutrient slurry. There's an inscription on the back of the gun, just behind the sights, that says "Novi Milites, Novum Mundi," which means "New Troops, New World" in latin. According to Matthew, the game's writer, this is the Basilisk Soldier emblem [1].

This prevents the hunters from being outlined, identified by name, or having their health revealed, giving them a better chance of evasion in combat. Slim's Healing Drone flies to selected teammates from any distance and provides them with passive health regeneration until they are damaged, healing hunters and reviving them when they are downed while Slim uses his other abilities to take down the monster.

Upon taking damage, the drone will die and must be relaunched to continue healing. The drone can be targeted through any kind of terrain obstruction. Slim's healing burst functions much like the rest of the medics in the game, although it can be recharged at a faster rate with the leech gun 2 shots can potentially recharge it completely and has a superior radius 30 meters compared to the other medics 15 meters in the game. Slim can be one of the most effective medics in the game.

His ability to rapidly heal teammates as well as deal damage simultaneously makes him a force to be reckoned with, especially if he's played correctly. Slim, like most medics, is prone to be targeted. His most effective way of healing requires the player to get close and engage with the Monster, which can be tricky and difficult to maintain without strategic improvisation and most importantly, teamwork.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.This Netflix original highlights inmates at Gwinnett County jail located in Georgia during their first and last days at the facility. Captain of the Gwinnett County police force M. Thomas explains that Gwinnet is one of the biggest detention facilities in the country with an area of almost a million square feet. The show opens with a series of scenes of individuals being removed from cop cars, getting mug shots taken and entering solitary cells, most of them vocally protesting with sadness.

Some of the first individuals the audience is introduced to in the show are a group of three men who arrived at Gwinnett claiming to be innocent. A hefty sum of money like this is difficult for an year-old going to college in the next month to come up with. The most recent charge she had received was for driving with a suspended license. She was at Gwinnett for 78 days.

“First and Last” Highlights Lives of Inmates in Georgia

The audience was shown her last day at Gwinnett. She was apprehensive about returning home to her mother, because she was afraid of getting in trouble with the law once more and ending up back at the jail yet again. Another individual named Shantee G. She explained that her mother had her at the age of 15 and took her to parties with her as a child. It is interesting to see in depth how the judicial system works for the people at Gwinnett. Some of the facilities residents are guilty, while others are innocent.

Others are innocent, but get caught at the wrong place and wrong time. It is important to be informed of the lives of prisoners in America, seeing as there is furniture that was made in prisons on St. I hope these guys were ok. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.The complex is about a million square feet and home to between 35, and 37, inmates.

Snapshots of inmates in their bunks, dealing with violence, on the floor, crying and screaming flash across the screen. Viewers are getting a raw inside look at an American jail.

Behind Bars: The World’s Toughest Prisons - Dallas County Jail, Texas, USA (Eps.2)

In each episode, filmmakers feature a group of inmates on either their first or last day in jail. Both groups have fascinating stories to tell and put a face to the inconceivable number of incarcerated individuals in the United States. During introduction scenes, viewers watch angry newbies screaming, crying or venting their frustrations. These scenes contrast and balance the cheerful words of wisdom offered by older, more experienced inmates, and display the complexity of emotions within the criminal justice system.

In the series opener, viewers meet Velma, a pale-skinned, tattooed woman of 31, awaiting her release. In this episode, audience also meets Alex, a young man arrested with two other men during a traffic stop. The altercation lends depth to the intricacy of crime and social hierarchy in America. First and Lasts also highlights intricate social problems. In episode two, viewers meet Keith, a man whose charisma and spunk steals the hearts of audiences.

Doing time for a failed drug screening, Keith is sweet and self-conscious. I never forget that. The series portrays Keith as an underdog. First and Last excels at conveying these raw, emotional interactions and conversations.

During interviews, inmates cry and laugh, or, in some cases, admit guilt. Through it all, each story is told with care and affection. The series takes aim at our hidden tendency to outcast, target and stereotype those who have been incarcerated, and through expert storytelling and raw emotional interviews, it effectively breaks this social tendency.

Alex "Slim"

Diversions TV. Please support our journalism by Donating to The Diamondback.I promise I watch other things besides Netflix. I know it might not seem like it, judging from the content of my last few columns, but it really is true. Netflix just so happens to have created a lot of new content lately, and much of it focuses on crime and associated topics in the law. I focus more on the true crime genre and the documentaries that attempt to give laypeople a glimpse into the legal world.

Netflix knows where its bread is buttered, and they have consistently released quality crime-related content on a fairly regular basis.

alex slim first and last netflix

One of their most recent original docuseries— First and Last —does not disappoint. It is eye-opening entertainment for those who are interested. Your first—and your last. First and Last is set in Gwinnett County, Georgia—just outside the city limits of Lawrenceville, about 30 miles north of Atlanta. It focuses on the Gwinnett County Jail, which is touted by the staff as one of the largest jails in the country. The series is an anthology of sorts, as the separate episodes are standalone observations of different inmates at different times.

Each episode ends with an update regarding the status of the individuals who were the subject of the episode. Many are still waiting for trial. All of the guards seemed to be on their best behavior, and many of the inmates were definitely playing to the cameras. In my previous columnI discussed the possibility of goal-oriented behavior being influenced to achieve a certain result, and the two factions guards and inmates potentially taking on their perspective roles for the camera seems to follow in that thread.

Still, the guards are not really the focus of the show. The team behind the series went to great lengths to explain the working parts of the jail and the specific processes that apply to all of its occupants. Consequently, the episodes spend a good amount of time examining the intake and booking procedure. This aspect provides some of the most entertaining, and equally disheartening, realities of those who find themselves behind bars.

Viewers have to remember that Gwinnett County Jail is just that: a county jail.What Netflix looked like in Netflix Netflix has gone through a whirlwind of changes since it began in as a DVD-by-mail service.

The company has navigated the change from DVDs to streaming to becoming a global TV network — leaving past, established competitors like Blockbuster in the dust.

Netflix Jail Documentary Misses the Big Question: Why Is This Happening?

But it hasn't been without hiccups along the way — remember the company's disastrous attempt to split into Netflix and Qwikster? Jacinthe Busson, who runs the site UX Timelinehas compiled a timeline of Netflix's website changes from to the present. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Nathan McAlone and John Lynch. InNetflix hadn't even settled into its red color scheme yet. And there was an emphasis on "Net" and "Flix" as two separate entities. The name was stylized "NetFlix," and there were things like FlixFinder — what it called its search feature. ByNetflix began to settle into its signature look, but it was still firmly in the pre-streaming era. One of its big draws: no late fees — "EVER! InNetflix introduced streaming — "It's easier than you think!

ByNetflix had introduced the "happy family" image that would continue to dominate its home page. At this point, streaming worked on TVs with devices like Roku and Xbox Instreaming begins to be more than an add-on, and gets prominent real estate on the home page. Inyou can see that streaming has become the main event.

Alex "Slim"

Also check out the Facebook integration, which subscribers did not respond favorably to. Bymost people understood the concept of Netflix, and the graphic walk-through of the service was dropped from the home page. And where are the DVDs? There wasn't much change from tobut the style of the web page became sleeker.

There's also an emphasis on current big titles and new Netflix originals. Innot much changed, but the family appears a tad less like a stock image.You are now logged in. Forgot your password? Nobody in the Netflix documentary First and Last asks why Tyna, 20, and Keith, 23, are serving and day jail sentences entirely for personal marijuana use, or whether that's the appropriate response for consumption of a substance that is now legal in several states.

In fact, despite spending days documenting the lives of about two dozen people detained in Georgia's Gwinnett County Jail, First and Last is strangely incurious about the larger picture of America's incarceration problem. More troubling, the documentary is totally silent about serious accusations and lawsuits against the jail claiming abusive behavior by guards against people detained there. First and Last, released on Netflix in September, gets its name from its gimmick: The six-episode docuseries focuses entirely on individuals as they are processed into the jail after being arrested and their final hours before they are released and in some cases, what follows afterward.

The concept can be compelling when handled well. And at times, First and Last hits the mark, particularly when following folks like William, a homeless alcoholic who has been in the jail 46 times, who insists he's going to get clean and then almost immediately slips back into drinking after some passersby give him beer money at the gas station right outside the jail. Nobody needs to spell it out when we see guards confiscating all the toothpaste and soap that the other inmates have donated to William, and then releasing him in his filthy old clothes.

Mostly, though, First and Last cleaves closely to the familiar reality show documentary style seen on cable television. People who have been detained or are serving sentences talk to each other and to the camera about how the experience makes them feel.

We witness what these moments in jail are like, and it certainly seems miserable. Nobody will come away from First and Last wanting to get arrested or seeing it as an inconsequential experience. But reducing all these stories and experiences into brief slices of time also has the effect of completely removing valuable context that should make the viewer question why this system operates the way it does.

When people get arrested and brought to Gwinnett County Jail, they are processed and bluntly given bail amounts based on a schedule connected to the criminal charges. If they cannot pay the money, they'll be processed into the jail as a prisoner and put in with the same population who are serving short sentences for low-level crimes. They are presumed innocent, and often are neither dangerous, nor have they even committed crimes where there are "victims.

The thoughtless, mechanized nature of jail intake is highlighted by Angela, 62, who was arrested after a tenant in her home accused her of assault in a dispute. Angela says the man is a con artist who fraudulently accused her because she was going to throw him out.

Her claim of innocence seems to be supported after she's released, when narration blandly informs us her charges were dropped and the man who accused her was subsequently arrested and brought to that very same jail. She's thoroughly dehumanized she was brought in wearing her bathrobe, having been arrested by police in the middle of the night, apparently and says, "It doesn't matter what your situation is. You're a criminal once you come through those doors.

But Angela's not a criminal, and First and Last is mostly indifferent to the fact that half of the people they're documenting have not been convicted, merely arrested. One guard thinks Angela's anger at being arrested in the first place is hilarious.Hours from release, Amy shares her unique perspective on jail time, and Gwinnett officials discuss what they've learned about young inmates.

Arrested for the first time, Benjamin and Angela struggle with disbelief during intake. Dustin dreams of an upcoming vacation with his girlfriend.

alex slim first and last netflix

The mill of street-level incarceration churns as a single allegation results in three people being booked. A view of the revolving door into and out of an industrial-sized county jail. We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure.

Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks. At the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated women fight the power and one another as they try to make the best of life - and love - on the inside.

A documentary show about troubled girls who are are juvenile delinquents in Madison Juvenile Center. Imagine being in jail. Now imagine living in a foreign country. Paul Connelly takes you inside these jails. He shows what living conditions are for the inmates, as well as the guards. You'll never look at prison the same. Piers Morgan steps into a maximum security prison to interview five female murderers who have committed unspeakable crimes.

Ride along for an uncompromising look at the lives of those who sell, use and wage a war on drugs in the U.

Documentary following the police department in Flint, Michigan as they struggle with dwindling resources and crumbling infrastructure in a community crippled by violence and a contaminated water crisis. Inside the Criminal Mind- a gripping exploration exposing the psychological machinations and immoral behavior that define the most nefarious criminal types. Every episode of the series What happens when California dreaming becomes a nightmare?

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